About Us

Tiddly Inks offers digital stamps and digital papers, created by Christy Croll. Christy is a self-trained illustrator who likes simple, cute and quirky drawings with a sense of humor. She draws what amuses her, which means some days it is quirky and cute and other days it is a bit of a twisted gothic feel. 



Personally, I hate doing dishes and folding laundry, so my house is often a mess...but I try every once in a while to clean it as quickly as I can---don't look behind the pile in the closet. LOL I have one daughter who makes me smile, inspires me, and for so many reasons, she is my everything.  Most of my illustrations revolve around something she did or said, but the rest of the time, they are inspired by other people's kids and animals...maybe yours.

My life is too short not to be doing something I love, and that is what art is for me: It makes me smile; it makes me laugh and without a doubt it is something I love. And if my art makes you smile, then I have just doubled the fun.

I am not much of a crafter....I prefer to spend my time drawing, but I do have some of the most lovely ladies designing cards for me.

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We also have short-term members and you can see their work on our challenge blog.  

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