From my Daughter to Yours - 3 stamps for $1

Posted by Christy Croll on 6th Dec 2015

So my daughter is 11 (hereafter referred to as EWC) and she likes to draw as much as I do. As her mother, I am admittedly in love with her ideas---and not the least bit biased. No, truly, I am not... LOL 

She drew a couple of really clever illustrations recently and in honor of her ideas, I "adapted" them and made some digital stamps out of them and thought I would offer all 3 for $1 and give her the cash to spend as she would like for Christmas---she wants some Copic markers of her own. Smart girl, huh?? 

So here are my collaborations with EWC to represent her artwork---from my daughter to yours. 

Please meet Oh Deer Girl, Be a Dragon Girl, and Don't Be Catty girl....

Get them HERE.

PS: I looked for some Copics lately and they are all sold out lately on most shopping sites? Any ideas why?