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I love having personalized and special gifts and note cards for teachers or my daughter, the mail carrier---you get it. LOL These tiny pieces of art are exactly for that purpose--they are affordable, unique and you can print as many or as few as needed every time.

Many people are worried about printing for themselves, but it doesn't have to be scary. The key is good paper ---which doesn't mean expensive. I do all my printing on an Epson 1400 inkjet using Hammermill Color Copy from the office shop, or online. Watercolor paper also works well if your printer can handle the thickness.

If you want more of an art feel, then try Hahnemuehle fine art paper or any "fine art" paper. This is a link to some options.


Once you print, you can create gifts, framed art, magnets for the fridge, little notecards for lunches or special occasions, note cards, etc...get creative.


TERMS OF USE: Do keep in mind that you are not to sell these in a commercial manner or setting. The copyright belongs to me and you are not authorized to resell the design, simply use it for personal use. If you have a specific event in mind, like a local craft fair or small boutique, then please be courteous and run it by me...I will probably say yes, but I like to know ahead of time.

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